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  • Low Pressure Three Screw Pumps
  • Medium Pressure Three Screw Pumps
  • High Pressure Three Screw Pumps
  • Intelligent Three Screw Pumps

HSA Series

Compact three screw pump with delicate appearance

HAD Dual Pump Station

Two pumps, one for use and one for backup design, highly integrated solution

HSJB Series

Submerged three screw pumps, the reliable choice for lubricating hydraulic oil stations

HGR Series

The ideal alternative to imported three screw pumps with stable performance

HSS Series

Specially designed for high flow conditions

HSV Series

Small three-screw pump with refined appearance and high cost performance

HAC Series

Compact three screw pumps, pump lining in one, excellent choice for marine cabin pumps

HSNJ Series

Special design for the hydropower industry

HSMJ Series

Special design for the hydropower industry

HSN Series

General purpose three screw pumps for a wide range of applications

HSM Series

Medium pressure design, stable performance, wide range of applications

HAE Series

The product has many features such as compact structure, smooth operation and long service life, making it a reliable domestic alternative

HTS Series

Special three screw pump for low viscosity and high pressure conditions, especially suitable for conveying coolant of machine tools

HSE Series

High pressure three screw pumps, leading technology in China

HAF Series

The product adopts an integrated intelligent screw pump design

  • Single-suction Twin Screw Pumps
  • Double-suction Twin Screw Pumps

HWD Series

Simple construction, multi-directional combination of import and export

2G Series

Simple construction, reliable performance, high cost performance

2GRN Series

Suitable for all types of high viscosity media such as asphalt

HW Series

Double suction high flow design for stable performance

HQX Series

Multi-phase pump for oil and gas mixed transport. Leading technology in China

  • General Series
  • Open Top Series
  • Metering Series
  • Sanitary Series
  • Customized Series

HDL Series

Compact structure, direct connection between motor and pump

Open Top Pumps

Single screw pump flow automatically regulated by speed

Miniature Metering Pumps

Multiple seal forms can be converted and applied

Portable Mobile Pumps

Reverse conveying of products for short periods of time possible

Customized Pumps

Multiple seal forms can be converted and applied