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  • HTS Series
  • HTS Series
  • HTS Series
  • HTS Series

  • HTS Series

  • HTS Series

HTS Series

Special three screw pump for low viscosity and high pressure conditions, especially suitable for conveying coolant of machine tools

Main Features

1. Ultra hard ceramic lining for wear resistance and long service life.

2. Special hardened steel material screw has high precision, wear resistance and good rigidity.

3. Maintenance-free shaft seal design solves the risk of oil leakage and maintenance.

4. Labyrinth seals establish pressure differential and improve volumetric efficiency.

5. External bearings have strong pollution resistance.

Scope of application

Media Viscosity1-1500 mm2/s
Maximum Pressure15MPa
Flow Rate Range8~1000 L/min
Working Temperature0-120℃