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Development Path

  • 1996

    Registered and founded Huangshan Industrial Pump Factory

  • 1997

    The first three screw pump was successfully developed

    Started operating production

  • 1998

    First single-suction twin screw pump successfully developed

  • 1999

    First double-suction twin screw pump successfully developed

  • 2000

    Leased of the Tunxi Tea Factory's mechanic workshop to formally launch the business management

  • 2001

    Obtained ISO 9002-94 quality system certification for the first time

  • 2002

    Settled in Tunxi Jiulong Industrial Park, leased Yiqi Village factory, and began centralized production and office work

  • 2003

    Enterprise restructured and established Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

  • 2004

    Sales exceeded 20 million

  • 2005

    Recognized as a High-tech Enterprise in Anhui Province

    HSN series products were recognized as provincial-level high-tech products

  • 2006

    Succeed in developing of medium and high pressure screw pumps above 10 MPa

  • 2007

    Sales exceeded 50 million

  • 2008

    Recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise

    Successful first patent application

  • 2009

    Promoted the brand building of RSP, opened the brand era of "Huangshan RSP, manufacturing first-class screw pump"

  • 2010

    Phase II, Area A modern factory building completed and occupied

    The largest and most advanced screw pump testing center in China was completed and put into operation

  • 2011

    Sales exceeded 100 million yuan for the first time

    The first high-temperature double-suction twin screw pump (350℃) product was successfully developed

    The company's engineering technology research center was established

  • 2012

    Obtained CE certificate

    The first single screw pump was successfully developed

  • 2013

    Obtained API Q1 certification

    Established Postdoctoral Research Station

  • 2014

    Five-screw pump successfully developed

  • 2015

    Undertook the development of the national "Underwater Mixing Booster Pump"

  • 2016

    Established single screw pump branch and twin screw pump branch

  • 2017

    Relocation of the single screw pump branch to Jiulong Science and Technology Park

    Completion of the "Underwater Mixing Project" and the "Non-Civilian Special Equipment Project", marking our ability to undertake key national projects

  • 2018

    Obtained the title of Anhui Famous Brand Product

    Achieved sales revenue of 104 million yuan and comprehensive business indicators exceeded 100 million yuan

  • 2019

    Set up a public welfare office to provide support for public welfare causes such as poverty alleviation, fulfil social responsibility and build a good corporate image

  • 2020

    The company participated in the national project "underwater hybrid booster pump development" and one-time acceptance success

    Undertook the world's largest photovoltaic integrated power plant project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  • 2021

    Recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) as a "National New Distinctive Specialized Sophisticated Enterprise" 

    Our single-screw and twin-screw branches were transformed into fully independent subsidiaries and a more solid step was taken on the road to group development of the company

  • 2022

    Construction of the second phase of the RSP's intelligent factory

  • 2023

    The company's new intelligent factory was officially put into production, turning over a new chapter of the company's intelligentization.

  • 1996RegisteredandfoundedHuangshanI...
  • 1997Thefirstthreescrewpumpwassucce...
  • 1998Firstsingle-suctiontwinscrewpu...
  • 1999Firstdouble-suctiontwinscrewpu...
  • 2000LeasedoftheTunxiTeaFactory&#39...
  • 2001ObtainedISO9002-94qualitysyste...
  • 2002SettledinTunxiJiulongIndustria...
  • 2003Enterpriserestructuredandestab...
  • 2004Salesexceeded20million
  • 2005RecognizedasaHigh-techEnterpri...
  • 2006Succeedindevelopingofmediumand...
  • 2007Salesexceeded50million
  • 2008RecognizedasaNationalHigh-tech...
  • 2009PromotedthebrandbuildingofRSP,...
  • 2010PhaseII,AreaAmodernfactorybuil...
  • 2011Salesexceeded100millionyuanfor...
  • 2012ObtainedCEcertificateThefirsts...
  • 2013ObtainedAPIQ1certificationEsta...
  • 2014Five-screwpumpsuccessfullydeve...
  • 2015Undertookthedevelopmentofthena...
  • 2016Establishedsinglescrewpumpbran...
  • 2017Relocationofthesinglescrewpump...
  • 2018ObtainedthetitleofAnhuiFamousB...
  • 2019Setupapublicwelfareofficetopro...
  • 2020Thecompanyparticipatedinthenat...
  • 2021RecognizedbytheMinistryofIndus...
  • 2022Constructionofthesecondphaseof...
  • 2023The company's new intellig...