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  • Portable Mobile Pumps
  • Portable Mobile Pumps

Portable Mobile Pumps

Reverse conveying of products for short periods of time possible

Main Features

1. The flow of the single screw pump is automatically adjusted by the rotation speed;

2. The pump can achieve the conversion and application of various sealing forms;

3. The pump can achieve short-term reverse delivery;

4. Multiple combinations of stator and rotor materials can better meet various working conditions;

5. The product has stable flow and pressure, no pulsation, and has the advantages of low working noise and strong suction capacity;

6. The product has a wide range of applications and can transport various fluid media, including high viscosity media, media containing solid particles, fibers, suspended fluids, etc.

Scope of application

Flow Rate≤100m3/h
Working Pressure≤0.6MPa
Operating Temperature Conventional 0-80°C, Special Materials Up to 220°C 
Suction Height≤6m (Clear Water Medium)