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HSN Series

General purpose three screw pumps for a wide range of applications

Main Features

1. Advanced structure, good performance: Change the conventional high-pressure balance technique and adopt the low-pressure balance device for axial forces of screws, with the loaded force balance and uniform, screw spindle not deformed, product running reliable and stable, no impulse and low noises.

2. Unique design, reliable sealing: The pump's cavity pressure is intercommunicated with the suction pressure. Meanwhile, carry out cooling circulation thoroughly to the seal in the aspect of structure design, to assure the sealing effect and no leakage.

3. Optimized design and aesthetic appearance: Change the conventional positions of inlet and outlet, which makes the inlet and outlet distributed on the two sides of pump to be in a straight line. Meanwhile, adopt innovations in the aspect of design and the interchanges of inlet and outlet can be realized without changing the pipe lines on site.

4. The pump core is convenient for maintenance and replacement of accessories: Structure of pump is simple and compact. The pump core assembly adopts the subassembly structure, and can be taken out as a whole, which is easy to maintain and repair.

5. Safety valve can protect the safety of products: The provided safety valve can protect the pump for an instant, to avoid overload, but cannot be used as the overflow valve of pipe.

Scope of application

Media Viscosity3.0 ~ 1500 mm2/s
Flow Rate Rang5 ~ 5300 L/min
Maximum Pressure4.0 Mpa
Maximum Temperature150 ℃