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  • HAE Series
  • HAE Series

HAE Series

The product has many features such as compact structure, smooth operation and long service life, making it a reliable domestic alternative

Main Features

1. The screw use labyrinth sealing structure, which can reduce clearance leakage and improve volumetric efficiency.

2. High pressure balanced structure for smooth and reliable operation.

3. The pump body uses a special lining coating for better wear resistance and longer lifespan.

4. The pump body is made of high-strength structural steel, which has stronger pressure resistance.

5. Alloy nitriding steel screw with special case-hardening treatment to ensure the wear resistance. Multi stage sealing chamber structure for higher pump efficiency under high-pressure operating conditions.

Scope of application

Flow Rate Range20~470L/min
Outlet PressureMax 16MPa 
Inlet Pressure Range-0.07~0.3MPa
Viscosity Range10~760mm²/s
Working TemperatureMax 80°C