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  • Customized Pumps
  • Customized Pumps

Customized Pumps

Multiple seal forms can be converted and applied

Main Features

1. The flow of the single screw pump is automatically adjusted by the rotation speed;

2. The pump can achieve the conversion and application of various sealing forms;

3. The pump can achieve short-term reverse delivery;

4. Multiple combinations of stator and rotor materials can better meet various working conditions;

5. The product has stable flow and pressure, no pulsation, and has the advantages of low working noise and strong suction capacity;

6. The product has a wide range of applications and can transport various fluid media, including high viscosity media, media containing solid particles, fibers, suspended fluids, etc.

Scope of application

Flow Rate≤100m3/h
Working Pressure≤0.6MPa
Operating Temperature Conventional 0-80°C, Special Materials Up to 220°C 
Suction Height≤6m (Clear Water Medium)