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  • HSJB Series
  • HSJB Series

HSJB Series

Submerged three screw pumps, the reliable choice for lubricating hydraulic oil stations

Main Features

1. Due to smaller volume and less weight, the pump occupying area is saved as much as possible to meet the developing requirement of lubrication industry.

2. Oil storage structure is set to avoid suck air during secondary start-up.

3. Inlet/outlet flange complies with SAE 3000 standard.

4. This product has obtained national patent, patent No: 201220685479.3.

5. The pump unit has two installation forms to meet the different needs of users.

Scope of application

Media Viscosity40~760 m㎡/s
Flow Rate Range16~630 L/min
Maximum Pressure1.6 Mpa
Maximum Temperature100 ℃