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Three Screw Pump

RSP's three screw pump is the leader in lubricating fluid transport. With its high quality product performance, it is widely used in the metallurgy, electricity, shipping, machinery, building materials and other fields.

Low Pressure Three Screw Pumps

Medium Pressure Three Screw Pumps

High Pressure Three Screw Pumps

Intelligent Three Screw Pumps

Twin Screw Pump

RSP's twin screw pump has many advantages, such as multiple applicable media, wide transmission range, complex application conditions, etc., which makes this series of pumps have greater development prospects.

Single-suction Twin Screw Pumps

Double-suction Twin Screw Pumps

Single Screw Pump

RSP's single screw pumps are widely used in environmental protection, sewage, chemical industry, food, paper making, shipping, petroleum and other industries to provide on-site transportation solutions.

General Series

Open Top Series

Metering Series

Sanitary Series

Customized Series