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Transportation and Storage of Screw Pump

Transportation and Storage of Screw Pump

Observe the graphic symbols on the packaging and use plugs to seal the suction, discharge, and auxiliary interfaces of the pump during transportation and storage.


Symbols on the package shall be followed. In transportation and storage, pump suction port, discharge port and auxiliary connections shall be blocked with plugs. In installation of the pump unit, these plugs must be removed. 


Where necessary, hoisting device shall be used to transport the pump or pump unit to the installation site.

Hoisting equipment and accessories must be secure. Unless measures that can prevent overturning due to unstable center of gravity are taken, hoisting accessories must not be fixed to the lifting ring of the motor. 

When a crane is used to handle the pump unit, suspension cables must be hung to the lifting hooks on the base for handling (as shown in the figure). 

In fixing the pump or pump unit with ropes, consideration shall be given to keep balance during hoisting. 


During storage of the pump, its inlet and outlet pipes as well as all branch pipes must be blocked with blind flanges or screw plugs. 

The pump shall be stored at dry and dust-free places and shall be turned at least once per month during the storage.