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Switching Screw Pumps On and Off

Switching Screw Pumps On and Off

Screw pumps (especially three-screw pumps with built-in bearings) are not allowed to run dry! When starting the pump for the first time, medium must be added to the pump!

1. Check if the present operating condition in accordance with the designed data on the nameplate.

2. Fill the pump with medium or lubricant oil according to the instructions on the nameplate. Before the first actuation or the first use after a long suspension (longer than six months), you need to refill the pump with medium or lubricant oil, which would provide necessary liquid seal for the pump activation and ensures that pump can suck by itself and all dynamic components inside the pump are lubricated.

3. Check the rotational direction of the motor and the wiring ways in the wiring case.

4. The starting pressure of the emergency valve (Emergency valve is needed if there are valves that can be closed) must surpass the working pressure which is defined in the experiment before the pump id dispatched. Starting pressure can be adjusted with the adjusting screws on the emergency valve.

5. When shutting down, turn off the motor first and make sure the pump stops smoothly.

Stop the associated ancillary equipment (e.g., heating/cooling/flushing system, etc.).