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Screw Pump Installation

Screw Pump Installation

The installation plane must be able to bear the weight of the pump unit.

1. Cheek whether the oil seal is good and whether the pump is damaged while in transport before the installation. Inspect whether blocks exist when rotating the coupling by hand.

2. If you need to put the pump and the electric machinery together, please remove the burrs of the key and the keyway at the pump head, and put on some mechanical oil, then fix a spindle on the coupling. Smashing it using a heavy hammer is forbidden, for it would cause cracks of the rotor rings. 

3. All pipelines and fuse valves must be washed thoroughly before assembly. Otherwise the remainder produced in the assembly process, etc. welding residues, iron pellets, nuts, screws, etc., would do damage to the internal components of the pump, and affect the rotation and the service life of the pump. 

4. The feet of the pump must be placed smoothly at the foundation, and the tail screws must be tightened.

5. The coaxial degree and the linear degree must be checked by using an iron straightedge and a feeler in four directions.

6. The coupling must be loose enough for rotating by hand after assembly. 

7. The suction pipeline and the discharge pipeline must be connected to the flange on the pump body. Move the pump using bolts in order to put the suction pipeline and the discharge pipeline in the right position are strictly forbidden. Meanwhile, please do not forget to place shims or O-shaped rings. 

8. If possible, choose the suction pipeline and the discharge pipeline of the appropriate dimension.