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Maintenance of Screw Pump

Maintenance of Screw Pump

Regular maintenance work on pumps and motors can extend the service life of the unit.

1. The bearing is lubricated with the delivered liquid if it is fined inside the pump. While it need to be lubricated with lubricant grease if it is fined outside the pump. You need to add lubricant grease in the grease cup at regular intervals. 

2. The practical service life of the pump is likely to be shortened due to intermittent manipulation, high temperature, low viscosity, medium of poor lubricity or similar medium. Therefore, we recommend you to check the noise of the pump and the temperature of the bearings periodically.

3. If slaps or rumbles take the place of the buzz given out by the pump when working normally, or the temperature of the bearing rises sharply, it shows that trouble occurs in the bearing. Therefore, you should replace the bearing instantly.

4. If the pump ceases working for a long time, seal the entire pump body with oil. You should also check the oil seal condition, and seal it with oil again if necessary.