RSP orients customers' demand and keep enlarging screw pump product performance and  application for customers from various industries.

In building material, RSP provides pumps for rotating equipment lubrication and fuel transfer;

In pulp & paper, RSP pumps serves as lubrication pump and pulp transfer; In machining tools & hydraulics, RSP pumps serve as coolant transfer pump and hydraulic pump;

In chemical industry, RSP provides pumps for lubrication and chemical solution transfer,etc.

  • 》   广州南玻550 t/d浮法玻璃生产线(2006年)
  • 》   虎门信义玻璃500 t/d、300 t/d浮法玻璃生产线(2007年)
  • 》   广东江门华尔润集团600t/d浮法玻璃生产线(2008年)
  • 》   常熟耀皮250d/t超白压延玻璃生产线(2009年)
  • 》   福耀重庆万盛600t/d浮法玻璃生产线(2010年)
  • 》   台玻咸阳1200t/d浮法玻璃生产线(2011年)
  • 》   二重2万吨大型模锻压机项目(2011年)
  • 》   法国SNF集团聚合物介质输送泵项目(2013年)
  • 》   与福伊特造纸项目合作(2014年)
France SNF Group Polymer Transfer Project
France SNF group is one of the biggest chemical enterprise specialized in polymer manufacturing. Since 2012, SNF group started to seek for pump vendors with good reputation and reliable quality. RSP is lucky to be selected by SNF to supply all stainless steel twin-screw pump with pressure reaching to 4.0MPa. After pump test in customers place, RSP is approved and leaves a strong impression on customers engineering team.
Cooperation with Voith for Paper Project
VOITH is a global group with remarkable reputation in industry engineering and raises a strict quality and technology requirement on its vendors. Through active communication, RSP is very honorable to start the cooperation with VOITH for its paper project for lubrication and pulp transfer application.