Metallurgy and steel industry is the foundation for national heavy industries.In last decades, RSP not only witnessed the high speed development of China's metallurgy, but also actively made our own contribution by supplying professional screw pump solutions.Now RSP pumps can be found in trustworthy operation in cold/hot rolling machine system, coal grinding machining lubrication system, lubrication grease transfer, waste water treatment,etc.

At present, RSP almost build stable cooperation with almost every steel plants like BaoSteel, Shougang Steel, Magang Steel, Wuhan Steel, Chonggang Steel, Panzhihua Steel, An Steel, etc.

  • 》   宝钢1880mm热轧、五冷轧项目(2007年)
  • 》   宝钢钛镍特种金属板带技改工程(2011年)
  • 》   武钢1580mm热轧、三冷轧项目工程(2008年)
  • 》   鞍钢营口鲅鱼圈钢铁5500mm宽厚板、1580mm热轧项目(2008年)
  • 》   首钢京唐钢铁联合有限公司2250mm、1580mm热轧(2009年)
  • 》   首钢京唐钢铁联合有限公司2230mm、1700mm、1550m冷轧(2009年)
  • 》   马钢新区2250mm热轧、2130mm冷轧(2006年)
  • 》   邯钢新区2250热轧、二期2180mm冷轧(2010年)
  • 》   重钢环保搬迁4100mm宽厚板、1780mm热轧、2700mm中板(2011年)
  • 》   攀钢西昌钒钛资源综合利用2050mm热轧(2010年)
Shougang Steel Relocation Project
As one of the biggest steel group in China, Shougang steel group relocated to Hebei Province for the reason of Beijings city future plan, which is a super huge engineering project. RSP HSN series three-screw pump is selected for its 1580mm hot/cold rolling project. Till now, the pumps are working well to satisfy customers demand.
Rizhao Steel Group ESP Hot Rolling Project
Rizhao steel group ESP production is the number one in China and number two in world production line to produce ultrathin hot rolling steel product. RSP provides almost 100 HSA series three-screw pump to serve the circulation and lubrication system in four production lines with solid performance.