Electricity power is the vital resources and energy for human civilization development. RSP has always devoted to offering reliable screw pump solutions for power generation. Now RSP products have been widely used in fuel handling, lubrication, oil jacking, waste water treament from various power sources.

At present we have successfully build solid cooperation with many influencial power engineering and equipment partners including Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric, Haerbin Electric, etc. We have also be part of Chinese nuclear power development through hundreds of reliable screw pumps working on site.

  • 》   华能浙江玉环电厂4*1000MW机组(2006年)
  • 》   国华宁海电厂2*1000MW机组(2008年)
  • 》   云南金安桥水电站4*600MW机组(2011年)
  • 》   秦山核电1#、2#机组(2009年、2012年)
  • 》   阳江核电1#、2#、3#机组(2010~2012年)
  • 》   防城港核电1#、2#机组发电机密封油泵(2011年、2012年)
  • 》   海南昌江核电1#、2#机组(2012年)
  • 》   广东阳西1200MW火电项目(2016年)
  • 》   东明前海热力有限公司东明热电中心项目(2016年)
  • 》   东明前海热力有限公司东明热电中心项目(2016年)
Yangjiang Nuclear Power Project 1#, 2#, 3#
Yangjiang nuclear power project is the second plant made by CGNPC in Guangdong province with around 70 billion yuan investment. As one of the leading screw pump manufacturers from China, RSP has successfully passed the supplier audit from CGNPC and provided reliable three-screw pump products with stable operation on site.
Yunnan Jinanqiao 4x600MW Hydro Power Plant
Yunnan Jinanqiao hydro power plant is one of the key projects in West-East Electricty Transmission Project with total four 660MW water turbine generators, which plays a significant role in Chinas power energy structure upgrading. RSP has won the users favor by supplying total good-performance 48 three-screw pumps for circulation and water turbine govern oil pump application.