Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (shortly known as RSP), is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in screw pumps

Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (shortly known as RSP), is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in screw pumps.

Founded in 1996, Huangshan RSP Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of screw pumps with annual sales revenue of 105 million RMB and over 210 employees in 2012. It has also created the professional screw pump brand as “RSP”.

At present, RSP manufactures mainly three-screw pump and twin-screw pump with over 20 series and 500 specification, which are widely applied in the fields of metallurgy, power generation, petroleum, chemical, building material, shipbuilding and heavy machinery, etc. some products are exported to Asia region.


RSP possesses leading technology of research and development and advanced machining ability in screw pump industry. It also pays great attention to quality management, already achieved 18 national patents, ISO9001 Quality Management System certificate and CE certificates issued by France BV in 2012. It was granted as national “High-Tech Enterprise” by Chinese authority thanks to excellent product operation and good reputation in the market.

以良好的信In near future, RSP will adhere to mission of “Manufacture quality product to serve customer, Have interest-related parties to benefit from our excellent service”, and follow the management philosophy “Specialty, Quality, Service and Win-win solution”. Strive for continually the target of becoming “advanced in domestic market, and well-known in international market” professional screw pumps manufacturer.

RSP Vision: To Become a Modern and Everlasting Enterprise 

RSP Mission: Enable wide and efficient applications of screw pump.

RSP Objective:Become the first-class screw pump manufacturer in China, with famous international brands

Corporate Responsibility:Customer satisfaction, Staff safety, Social identity, Shareholder reliability Operation Philosophy: Specialty, Quality, Service, Win-win Solution

Operation Philosophy:Heritage, Innovation, Standardization

Management Philosophy: Being innovative, Taking responsibility

Enterprise Spirit:innovative, Taking responsibility

Value Principles of RSP:Human value is higher than goods value; Common wealth is higher than individual values; Social value is higher than profit value

Core Value of RSP Credible operation, harmonious development