1.  Maintenance

The safety regulations in Chapter II shall be obeyed during maintenance.

When the monitoring maintenance work is carried out to the pump and drive unit regularly, it can prolong the service life of the unit.

1.1  Daily Monitoring

It is not allowed for dry run of the pump.

It is not allowed for overload of the drive motor.

Check the tightness of the suction pipe and discharge pipe, to prevent air from entering the pumping system.

The leakage of the mechanical seal shall not exceed the specified value.

Observe the pressure & temperature monitoring devices and compare them with the contracted data sheet or acceptance records.

2.   Component Maintenance

2.1   Bearing and Its Lubrication

The life cycle of the bearing in normal conditions is designed of 17,500 hours. The actual hours may be shortened due to intermittent operation, high temperature, low viscosity, medium with bad lubricating property, etc. Therefore, we recommend the noise and temperature at bearing parts shall be checked regularly. If the sound is not normal "buzzing", but "knocking or scraping", or the temperature is overheating, it indicates that the bearing is going to damage and must be replaced as soon as possible.

2.2       Shaft Seal

The shaft seal of the screw pump is realized by mechanical seal..

The mechanical seal is selected as per requirements, to minimize leakage.

The mechanical seal shall be replaced if there is large leakage due to worn and breakage.

Attention Avoid dry run of mechanical seal. Therefore, the pump can only be started after priming.

2.3  Pressure relief valve

Check pressure relief valve for break-make and functions regularly, especially during long-term shutdown. Leakage occurs at pressure relief valve may damage the pump, so that the damaged parts shall be repaired or replaced if required.

2.4  Coupling

Check the alignment conditions and elastic elements of the coupling after the initial startup and later on..

Note: The worn elastic elements must be replaced in time..


2.5  Driving Device

  Refer to the operation and maintenance instruction of the manufacturer.


3.1   General

 We can provide professional assembly and repair services for customers when required.

 The pump must be drained off and cleaned prior to maintenance carried out by the professionals of the customer or by the technicians of our company.

 If the pump under repair has been used to transfer dangerous materials or harmful materials to the environment, the users or operators must make it clear to their professionals or our servicemen on their site; when the pump is transported to our company for repair, the users must make it clear to our company. In such conditions, the users must provide the support documents of transmission materials. .

 Categories of dangerous materials:

 Poisonous substances;

 Materials harmful to health;

 Corrosive materials;

 Irritation materials;

 Inflammable and explosive materials;

 Highly inflammable/inflammable/combustible materials;

 Carcinogenic substances;

 Materials harmful to fruit trees;

 Materials may change hereditary;

 Materials dangerous to human bodies in other forms.